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How to build a simple home inventory database

Think over what data fields your application will need and write them down.

In the case of the home inventory table we would like to store and track information such as item name, the type of the tool/equipment or what category it will fit, where the item is stored, its value and its condition. In addition, we could also have information such as the product support, link to an image file, and maybe some room for notes.

In total, all of these eight types of information will require the following 8 fields: ITEMNAME, CATEGORY, LOCATION, CONDITION, ITEMVALUE, WEBSUPPORT, NOTES, PICTURE

For each field we will need to select the most suitable field type and data entry control. So for instance, CATEGORY, LOCATION, and CONDITION could all have Text field type and Combo-Box data entry control. ITEM VALUE could be of Numeric field type with two decimal places. PICTURE will be of Text field type and Graphic data entry control, while WEB SUPPORT link will be of Text field type, but of Web Browser data entry control. And finally, ITEM NAME would be of Text field type and Simple Text data entry control, and NOTES would be of Memo field type and Simple Multi-Line data entry control.

We have now planned out our table template, which will make the job of actually creating it much easier.

Field Name Field Type Size Data Entry Contol Sample Entry
ITEMNAME Text 200 Simple Text Nikon Camera, D7000
CATEGORY Text 40 Combo-Box Electronics
LOCATION Text 40 Combo-Box Office Room
CONDITION Text 40 Combo-Box Very Good
ITEMVALUE Numeric Numeric $2340.00
WEBSUPPORT Text 200 Web Browser web address to support
PICTURE Text 140 Graphic file name to the image
NOTES Memo Multi-Line notes about insurance, maintainance

Print the above table, so you can refer to it when creating the table and so you do not make errors when entering field names with sizes and selecting field types with data entry controls.

Now you are ready to define your Home Inventory Table.


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