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Web, Bookmark Organizer (1161) Database Template

Web, Bookmark Organizer database template for Organizer Advantage

You need our Organizer Advantage application for Windows to run the Web, Bookmark Organizer template. Organizer Advantage is a database management tool that helps PC users store and process personal or business data.

After purchasing one Organizer Advantage, all database solutions and database templates are free to use - over 200 databases for business, office, school, and home PC users.


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Web, Bookmark Organizer (1161) Overview/Screens

Bookmark Organizer software solution overview:
Use this template to organize and track all your Internet related information. You can enter the following information: site title, URL address, email address, category, subcategory, keywords, description, notes.

Bookmark Organizer software solution features:
  • You can easily organize all your internet related information in one place.
  • You can process your data in a variety of ways: launch browser with the selected URL address, quickly find information, enter notes and remarks, sort records by any field
  • You can customize the template or create a new one.

Database Fields Included :

Organizer Advantage with database template, screenshots:

internet template: web bookmarks database

internet software web bookmarks database

internet template: web accounts database

internet software web accounts database

internet template: web addresses database

internet software web addresses database

internet template: web research addresses database

internet software web research addresses database

Organizer Deluxe with database template, screenshots:

Database and Software Screenshots :
Internet Organizer Basic

How do I create my own Web, Bookmark Organizer database template?
Step 1 - download and evaluate our Internet Organizer Advantage.
Step 2 - review help topics about our database Designer.
Step 3 - review instructions on how to build a sample inventory database.
Step 4 - create a new Web, Bookmark Organizer database.
Step 5 - contact us, and send information about your Web, Bookmark Organizer database requirements.

Organizer Advantage Users:
Review instructions: how to install Web, Bookmark Organizer template.

You can install our database management software and all database templates on your PC with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows Servers. Then, you have 30 days to evaluate the template and features of our database manager app. After this period, you can purchase our application or move your data to another software.
What database do you need?
Do you know what we can do for you? We can create one for you if you need a custom Web, Bookmark Organizer database template. Maybe you already have your data in the excel spreadsheet template or another format. Please send your "Web, Bookmark Organizer" sample or the whole spreadsheet, and we will try to transfer your solution to our database manager application.
Question: I want to customize the Web, Bookmark Organizer database template. Can I do it with Organizer Advantage?
Answer: You can modify the template included in the solution or create a new one in our Database Designer (included in the package). In addition, we provide help with the database design for new users; Read user database reviews.
Question: I already have my records in the excel template. Is it possible to transfer my data to your application?
Answer: You can use the import feature from the text file. For example, in your excel template, insert a row on the top of your spreadsheet, and enter field names from our program. It will define a data mapping and save the excel spreadsheet as a text file. Review step-by-step instructions how to import Web, Bookmark Organizer data.

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