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Question/Topic: Does this program come with a barcode reader/scanner?

Our Library software does not come with a bar code scanner/reader.

Any general purpose laser or CCD barcode reader/scanner will work with our library software.

We suggest to purchase a general purpose CCD or Laser bar code reader/scanner that supports:

  • USB connection. New personal computers offer USB support, and they come with several USB ports available for a bar code reader attachment. If your computer is old without USB connection then check what connection is available on your computer and choose the bar code reader that supports it. Other available connection could be through PS/2 (used for connecting a keyboard and a mouse to a PC compatible computer system), keyboard wedge, serial port.
  • Has build in decode capability for the bar code type that you are going to use. In our Library software we suggest to use Code 39. This bar code type is supported by almost all general purpose bar code readers. Other popular bar code types that you could check if the bar code reader supports are: UPC, EAN, UCC/EAN 128, Code 128, Code 39, Code 2 of 5.
  • We suggest to test/purchase the following bar code readers:
    LS 2208 - laser scanner by Symbol Technologies( ($130 on, 09/16/2007)
    MS9520 - laser scanner by Metrologic ($120 on, 09/16/2007)

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