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"With the Handy software we run book searches, reports and lists, and print catalog cards and labels. Support from PrimaSoft has always been prompt and helpful ..." read more ..., Retirement Community Library, community library reviews

" The service has been great. The help tab was valuable while trying to upload from our old data. And you answer any emails promptly. I would rate it a 5/5. " read more ..., HCGS, Genealogy Library, community library reviews

" We currently have about 12,000 books in our system, and we also have audio books and DVDs. We are hoping that our library will continue to grow as we get more books donated to us ... We have also found that the customer service is very quick, thorough and friendly, willing to help out with any queries we may have. " Academia La Providencia, Katharine M., community library reviews

" In addition, we could reuse existing student and book barcodes, while adding new ones seamlessly when we needed to. Printing barcode labels is very easy and straightforward as well. Inputting students and Checking in and out the books works without a hitch, even with some of our "dated" scanners. " Maple Valley Elementary Rainier Christian School, school library reviews

" It has increased our input time tenfold, which has given the volunteer staff more quality time with each student." Church Academy Library, Kansas City, church library reviews

" I have to say that the support I am receiving from PrimaSoft for Handy Library Manager is the best I have ever experienced." LaPlata County Jail Library, jail library software reviews

" Currently there was a need for recording books with Arabic titles for a small community college (with about 75 students) which is part of the school. This is why we needed the Handy Library Software." Talitha Kumi School Library, Nader, school library reviews

"I provide IT work for a state prison. Our inmates have a library that houses approximately 8000 books. Our state has tried several open-source library database manager programs in the past, but they have been cumbersome, buggy, and easily broken." Wyoming Honor Farm, Lee (IT) , prison, correctional facility library reviews

"We're very happy how our library is organized and how it runs with your software! " Bilingual school in Chihuahua, Mexico, school library reviews

" We particularly liked the reporting function to determine who had music outstanding at the end of a concert season." Monash University Choral Society, Alex L.,

"We selected Handy Tool Manager because it provides all of the features of programs that are written specifically for Access Stations but at a much more affordable price a big concern for a non-profit like ours. One staff member administers the program and the Check In/Out process is done by one of four staff members using a barcode scanner." Community Television Network (, Brian Knoblock

"I am a middle school teacher running a small middle school library. I am often not available to check books out for students since I also teach. So students need to be able to easily check books out independently. " An Aspire Public School, school library reviews

"We also have an undergraduate and graduate program that utilize works in other languages, your new software supports Unicode, which will enable to use it with some of our other libraries that contain texts in other languages. (approximately 20,000 audio recordings and 50,000 religious works in other languages). " Israel Henry Beren High School Library,

"Most of the local IT companies don't have similar types of software that is readily available, thus customisation will cost thousands of dollars. I have just had a brief look through the content of the features, and I must say that it is very appealing. " Fiji Higher Education Commission, Frentina A.

"... I am very pleased with our choice of HLM! It does everything I need it to do, our volunteers are able to easily check books in and out and the technical support when I've had questions has been great. " Women's Empowerment

" ... I found that lookup (and download) the book information from Library of Congress by just scanning the UPC barcode, is a great time-saver. " Chesterfield Kumon Center,

Newport Ship Centre Library, UK,

" ... I am very happy with the Handy Library Manager. It has made our life so much easier and the handling of our materials faster and more efficient." Freedom Declared Ministries, Inc., prison, correctional facility library reviews

" ... My main reason for buying software from Primasoft was the price was right, and the software had all the required features. " Lakeview Quilters Guild,

"We had been using an earlier version of your project before and it worked well. Other packages I looked at were more difficult to manage. Also, the support provided is excellent. " School Library run in Rwanda, East Africa,

"To be honest, I initially thought the PrimaSoft Handy Library Manager seemed too good to be true. The price was very reasonable and competitive, especially given all the features it offers." Lake Shore Drive Church of Christ, church library reviews

"... We're confident that we have a system that will meet our needs for years to come. " Spanish Springs Presbyterian Church Library, church library reviews

"... And the feature-rich software and ease of use were top notch. " TES Library,

" ... As a former public school-, college- and public librarian, I have worked with a few large library automation systems. And at this point I have no complaints about this program's capabilities and the support you offer." Grace United Methodist Church, church library reviews

"It is very easy to use, affordable, and just right for the size of libraries, both media and books, that we have. " Juvenile Corrections Facility,

"We chose this program primarily because of the reasonable price. " Olivet New Church and School, church library reviews

"... Handy is very affordable compared with other options, most of them designed for much larger libraries, with features we would never use ..." White Plains United Methodist Church Library, church library reviews

" My experience with this software has been great so far. I'm really glad that I purchased this software and I highly recommend it to any librarians as this would be a great program for anyone to use, even beginners. " St. Martha Catholic ChurchLibrary, church library reviews

" I am a part time Librarian and really enjoy working on inputing books, is just all new and need to do it more often to get it. I rate the help a 5/5, always there to help me. " Catholic School Library

"I am finding your library software super easy to use so far." Toronto School of Management,

"The genealogy library is in a separate room inside the public library. We tried sharing their system. This was not satisfactory. I found Handy Library and we have been very happy with it." Timpson Area Genealogical & Heritage Society,

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