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Textbook Manager Pro v3.2

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Software Overview

PrimaSoft Textbook Organizer Pro is a simple to use textbook management software for school districts and schools. Our textbook tracking software gives you an easy way to catalog, manage and track all textbooks, students, teachers and process circulation transactions.

Textbook Organizer Pro features:

  • easily manage and track textbook inventories
  • process circulation transactions
  • fast and simple database entry
  • print overdue notices, borrower receipts
  • print summary reports
  • send overdue email messages
  • print member cards
  • print spine labels, textbook barcode labels, member cards
  • process circulation transaction manually and/or with barcode reader
  • textbook organizer pro is a product of the company that is 16 years in software publishing business.

PrimaSoft Textbook manager includes easy to use databases:

  • Textbooks : Catalog, manage, and track all textbook items.
  • Borrowers : Enter information about all students, teachers.
  • Loan : Records automatically all textbook check in and check out transactions.
  • Quantity : Records automatically all textbook quantity transactions.

Software Benefits

  • Textbook Manager, Software Tour
  • Simple, easy-to-use: Ready-to-use templates and the user-friendly interface let you easily and quickly manage textbooks and borrowers data.
  • Quickly access your textbook data: You can access and view your textbook data in virtually any way. textbook Table Viewer allows you to view data in rows and columns. Browser Viewer allows you to view data in virtually any way using browser viewer. Standard Record Viewers allows you to easily enter, and modify textbook data, or quickly generate data specific commands.
  • Easily process data: Report Wizard, Label Wizard, HTML Generator Wizard let you create quality, professionally looking documents, textbook reports, summaries, Web pages and textbook catalogs, labels with color and graphics.
  • In addition to the textbook management solution you can download and use free of charge any database template listed in our database solution center.
  • Save time organizing your records: Results of time consuming tasks or repetitive processes can be saved into templates.

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