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  1. Click Borrowers.

  1. The Borrowers window opens with the complete list of all borrowers (projects, jobs, ...).
  2. There is always one record selected in the table. The borrower details are displayed in the View panel.
  3. Navigation buttons allow you to move from one record to another record.
  4. The Number indicator tells you what record is selected out of the total number.
  5. Click the Search tab to execute simple search.
  6. Click the Advanced Search tab to execute advanced search or define a View.

  1. Click Quick Add.
  2. Enter borrower/job data.
  3. Click Save New.

  1. Click Add in the Borrowers main window.
  2. Enter borrower/job data.
  3. Click Save & Close or Save & Next.

Notes: if the borrower has an ID card with a barcode, enter or scan it into the BARCODE field. If you leave it empty the program will create a unique barcode value.

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