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Small School Libraries use our Handy Library Manager

You only need PC with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, or Windows Server to manage your small library.

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Review purchase options for small school library:

Option 1 (best): $345.00-$404.95, on the ordering page select:

  • Handy Library Manager ($345)
  • 1 PC License ($0.00)
  • Online Delivery (FREE)
  • 1 Month Support (FREE)
  • 1 Year Support ($59.95)

Option 2: $440.00-$499.95, on the ordering page select:

  • Handy Library Manager ($345)
  • 1 User, up to 5 PC's ($95.00)
  • Online Delivery (FREE)
  • 1 Month Support (FREE)
  • 1 Year Support ($59.95)

Select suggested options, 30-day money back guarantee: Buy Now

Not ready to buy? In seconds you can manage your small school library with our Handy Library Management System for Windows: Try Now

Our library management system for small schools does not have any limitation. It includes all library features.

The price is based only on the installation license (1 PC or 5 PC's).

You can enter unlimited number of items and borrowers (some software companies limit their basic packages to 1000-2000 items).

All circulation transactions are supported: check in, check out, reservation, renew.

Our solution gives you full barcode support. You can print barcode labels. You can process check in/out with a barcode scanner (some library software vendors don't support loan rules in basic packages).

If you are not ready yet with a bar-coding technology our library supports manual processing.

All additional library modules are included: library search, library auto cataloguing, separate check in/out module. Extra modules let you assign library administration and management tasks to volunteers and users.

You can define loan rules: maximum number of items per user or item type, loan periods per user or item type, and fines (some library software publishers don't support loan rules in basic packages).

We appreciate and listen to your feedback and we use it to improve our application. New useful school library features. June 2017:

We can help you to clean and move your school library records to our system (free data processing service).

1. Members of your school library can launch the library web search in any browser (web search).

2. Library kit building feature can help you to manage book baskets, science kits, presentation kits, photo kits, laboratory kits. You can check in/out kits.

Library recent articles, help topics:

How to print small school library barcode labels?

New small school library durable labels are ready to use.

How easily you can transfer your small school library spreadsheet data to our software?

Review auto cataloging small school library data.

We are thinking about purchasing your product for our small school library and have a few questions. We will be switching from our old system that requires yearly payments; it#s too expensive for us.

Q: Can we upload the information?
A: Review library importing, web cataloguing.

Q: Can we track the original price of the book and is there is a "location" place for the books? Meaning, if we wanted to find a book on our shelf can we add the location of where the book is filed, i.e.. Children's or Parenting?
A: This feature is supported, to link items with the location enter location or CALL value and print library spine labels.

Q: Can we scan the ISBN?
A: Yes you can scan and autocatalog.

Q: Is PrimaSoft a one-time cost, or is there a subscription that needs to be renewed annually?
A: There is one time cost.

Q: What is the difference between Small Library Pro and Handy Library manager?
A: Please review, library comparison table.

Question: I'm looking for a library system to use at our primary school. After the initial purchase, do we need to continue paying a fee each subsequent year as it's not clear from your website? Or is an initial purchase and then we self-host and manage the system?

Answer: Our software is not a subscription service; it means there is only one time payment. We offer yearly support (59.95/year). Support purchase is optional. Our software is easy to use, many school libraries after one year do not renew support.

Question: Our school library is very small and will be operated by volunteers with some pc experience; they don't have knowledge of MARC. In order to mange library in your system do they need to know MARC.

Answer: Our system is very easy to operate; knowledge of MARC is not required; review feedback from users of our Handy Library Manager.

Question: We want to use barcode scanner with check in/out. What barcode scanners are compatible with your software?

Answer: To manage your small school library we suggest to use labels, printers, barcode scanners.

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