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Small Library software for Windows users. Library Database software for Windows.

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Small Library Organizer Pro
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Small Library Organizer Pro, v3.1

for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/95/98/Me/2000/2003/NT ..

Library manager for Windows users.

  • for Windows
  • CDrom or download
  • 30 days risk free
  • price $245.00

  • Organizer Pro Series: Version History: all new features.

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    Library Software new features:

    Version 2.4, Released, June, 2010

    • Borrower Name is printed now on the receipt (Library, Check In/Out products).
    • New Loans/Returns menu is displayed when a database containing LOAN data field is loaded (Library, Check In/Out products).
    • A Reservation System has been added.
    Version 2.3, Released, February, 2010

    • New function: Update Web Search Script Files.
    • Improved compatibility with Windows 7.
    Version 2.2, Released, November, 2009

    • New option in Loans/Returns window (Show Options) - you can set "Allow" option: "Loans and Returns", "Loans Only", and "Returns Only" for Check In/Out Module.
    • Database management features improved.
    Version 2.1, Released, April, 2009

    Version 2.0a, Released, December, 2008

    • Library Search Utility allows your library members to process search transactions without launching library software. library search (OPAC) module, only $45 for unlimited number of users/computers
    Version 2.0, Released, October, 2008

    Version 1.8, Released: November 2007

    • New Check In/Out Module. Check In/Out transaction module allows to process loan and return transactions without launching main library software. Your library databases are protected from unwanted modifications and users.
    • There is new working database, you can use it for cataloging only new library items. When library items are ready for circulation you can easily move them to main library database. FAQ: How to enter new library items and move them to main database?
    • Improved check in/out transaction processing. If you are not using barcode scanner you can enter only 2-3 first letters to select library member or library item.
    • New Library dataBase Browser. Our library software comes with a free Organizer dataBase Browser (free offer to the end of 2007). Organizer dB Browser is a web-based application that enables you to share your library catalogs or other databases over the Internet or Intranet. FAQ: How to install Organizer dataBase Browser?
    • Label Print Wizard includes new option: predefined specialized labels. It already includes library label types: spine labels, book card labels, vhs spine labels, durable labels,..., let us know about other label types so we can predefine them in the next version.
    • New Scripting Language. Powerful scripting language enables customization of various program elements and its behavior at various stages of operation (e.g. when loading a database, after reading a record, before writing a record).
    Version 1.7, Released: May 2007

    • Renew/Extend Library Loans feature allows the program operator to change the Due Date.
    Version 1.6, Released: November 2006

    • Web Auto-Search and Auto-Catalog: Small Library Pro allows you to catalog your books, movies, cds, and other items automatically from the Internet. For example you can search books by ISBN number, movies by UPC code, or TEXT. You can define your own search scripts if you know other web book information sources.
    Version 1.4, Released: November 2006

    • New Bar Code functionality. Process Loans and Process Returns support automated and manual barcode processing, fine processing, and more.

    "This program is just what our research library needed! PA State Education Association. " .. read more software comments

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    Key software features:
  • easily track and manage library collections, members, circulation data
  • customizable, create your library solutions
  • intuitive and easy to use for the beginner
  • feature-rich and powerful enough to satisfy the most advanced users

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