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Organizer Pro Series - Version History
How to upgrade: Upgrade now

Pro Database solutions v3.2, Released: April, 2016  

  • Improvements:
    -Improved color palette
    -Improved Repair Data File function
    -Improved compatibility with Windows 10
    -Some internal fixes

  • Pro Database solutions v3.1, Released: January, 2014  

  • Improvements in the Loans/Returns window (library solutions, equipment tracking, check in/out solutions). The Loans/Returns window allows to loan/return duplicate items with the same name.
  • Internal fixes and improvements:
    -corrected the Copy/Paste records in the Table of Contents (pop-up menu command)
    -improved Save Record modes (Options/Data)
    -corrected compatibility with Windows short date settings
    -corrected functionality of the attachment data field
    -improved functionality of the note field in the Loans/Returns window
  • New help topics: Frequently Asked Questions on the web (FAQ).

  • Pro Database solutions v3.0, Released: March, 2013  

  • Improvements in Import from Text file.
  • Improvements in the Send Email message from Print Custom Documents window.
  • Improvements in the Manage Loans window.
  • Improvements in the Send Overdue Notices window (solutions with Loan data field).
  • Improved check in and check out functionality.
  • New help topics in FAQ
  • Free Library Assistant Deluxe for Small Library Organizer Pro registered users.

  • Pro Database solutions v2.9, Released: June, 2012  

  • Some internal bug fixes and improvements.
  • Improvements in Print Reports.
  • Improved check in and check out functionality.
  • New help topics.
  • New free database templates.

  • Pro Database solutions v2.8, Released: October, 2011  

  • Some internal bug fixes and improvements.
  • Library, Equipment/Tool, Check In/Out Inventory Solutions: New Inventory Audit, Maintenance functions under Loans/Returns menu.
    - Append Numbers to Duplicate Items
    - Check BORROWERS for Duplicate Names
    - Verify Barcodes
    - Move old loan transactions to "OldLoans" database
    - Inventory Audit

  • Pro Database solutions v2.7, Released: May, 2011  

  • New LoadDb command for Taskbar.
  • Improvements in Print Customized Documents and View template functions.
  • Improvements when creating a copy of an existing database - the drop-down lists can now be copied.
  • Solutions with check in/out feature: New "Due In (days)" options in Manage Loans window.
  • Solutions with check in/out feature: New options in Send Overdue/Reminder Notices window.
  • New email authentication options for sending Overdue/Reminder Notices.
  • Improvements in Master/Detail Copy data field (handling of checkboxes).
  • New pro database solutions: Event/Class Registration Organizer Pro, Visitor/Host Organizer Pro, Visitor Organizer Pro

  • Pro Database solutions v2.6, Released: January, 2011  

  • New Task Bar. Allows you quickly access all databases and some commands in pro database solutions.
  • Improved Import from text files.
  • Ready-to-use mailing, spine, barcode label templates.
  • Improved help topics for library solutions Library Solutions / Primer.
  • Library supplies selection of library labels, barcode scanners.

  • Pro Database solutions v2.5, Released: September, 2010  

  • Download Script Files function sometimes erased all local script files - fixed.
  • Table Field sometimes incorrectly calculated large numbers - fixed.
  • Check In/Out external module could not always be started from Organizer - fixed.
  • Reservations in Library programs can better handle books with multiple copies. (small library, church library, school library, check in/out system)
  • Transaction data field (master detail copy data field) improved: supports bar code scanner search, improved search, improved item selection feature. This improves the functionality of the following database solutions: Purchase Order Organizer Pro, Stockroom Organizer Pro, Sales Orders Organizer Pro, Invoice Organizer Pro, Billing Organizer Pro.

  • Pro Database solutions v2.4, Released: June, 2010  

  • Improved compatibility with Windows 7.
  • Is EMPTY operator in Filter function.
  • Multi-line Fields can now be used in Filters.
  • Automatic Update check on startup.
  • MailMerge function did not work correctly with Auto-incrementing fields - fixed.
  • Borrower Name is printed now on the receipt (Library, Check In/Out products).
  • A Reservation System has been added (Library, Check In/Out products).
  • New Loans/Returns menu is displayed when a database containing LOAN data field is loaded (Library, Check In/Out products).

  • Pro Database solutions v2.3, Released: February, 2010  

    Download Template function is now available directly from Organizer (no need to use Designer for it).

    New function Update Web Search Script Files (Library solutions).

    Corrected BDE installation. (database engine)

    Improved compatibility with Windows 7.

    New database solutions:
    Equipment Tracker Pro (check items in and out in quantities)
    Software License Tracker Pro (software licensing manager)
    Check In/Out Organizer Pro (track items by quantities, basic/developer version)

    Pro Database solutions v2.2, Released: November, 2009  

    Preview On Screen function in Import From Text File window. Allows testing first 3 records from the text file.

    Import From Text File improvement - it imports correctly even if only some fields have delimiters (Excel often creates text file like that).

    Divider bug fixed - dividers were not displayed if the order of tabs was changed in the right-panel.

    Fixed scrolling problem - when View or Browser page was scrolled using the mouse wheel it caused scrolling in the Table Of Contents (left panel).

    New Verify Backup File function in Restore window (available in both Organizer and Designer).

    New option when Restoring from the full backup (All Databases) - you can now restore just one database.

    New function in Designer: "Restore / Verify Data from Backup" - can be used when Organizer doesn't start.

    Library Solutions: New option in Loans/Returns window (Show Options) - you can set "Allow" option: "Loans and Returns", "Loans Only", and "Returns Only" for Check In/Out Module.

    Pro Database solutions v2.1, Released: October, 2009  

    New specialized library solutions: School Library Pro, School Edition, Textbook Manager, School Software Pack, special school license

    Pro Database solutions v2.1, Released: April, 2009  

    Library Solutions have new feature: categorized due date period.

    Library Solutions have new feature: email overdue notices.

    Library Solutions have new feature: print overdue notices.

    Library Solutions have new feature: Simple Checking Mode (Self-Checking Mode).

    New Task List option.

    Improved Print Labels functionality: space breaks to new line (useful when printing spine labels).

    Improved table field: new commands included in the popup menu.

    Improved html field: new commands included in the popup menu.

    New Quick Load feature: speeds up the database selection/loading procedure. On the File menu, click Quick Load.

    New Library Search Utility v1.0 for Library Pro solutions Released: December, 2008  

    Library Search Utility read more .. .

    Library Search Utility allows your library members to process search transactions without launching library software. Your library databases are protected from unwanted modifications or deletions.

    Pro Database solutions v2.0, Released: October, 2008  

    Library Solutions support MARC import.

    New script functions. Import from complex file formats (example: MARC) is supported.

    Direct import from the organizer's browser (Library Solutions).

    Improved Data Fields Layout functionality (Designer).

    New specialized library solutions: Library Pro, Church Edition, Library Pro, Simple Edition.

    Pro Database solutions v1.9, Released: March, 25 2008  

    New options for Autoincrementing fields.

    New field type: text autoincrementing field for generating unique identification codes (invoice numbers, purchase order number, barcode numbers).

    New field type: specialized data field that allows to build complex database solutions such as invoice, billing, sales orders, purchase orders systems.

    Improved Data Fields Layout functionality (Designer).

    New specialized pro database solutions: Sales Orders Organizer Pro, Billing Organizer Pro.

    Pro Database solutions v1.81, Released: November, 23 2007  

    Improved Print Label Wizard: new custom field called $SPACE allows including spaces or empty lines when printing labels; new option "No Text Wrapping", only the part ot the text that fits in one line can be printed ; new Specialized label type added, allows a user or us to predefine some popular specialized labels (e.g. spine book labels)

    In Standard Reports when "Fields in Rows" layout is used setting the Width of a graphic field to 0 will result in printing the graphic field with its original width.

    New options for Reminders.

    Improved BDE Registry Keys update for Vista compatibility.

    Help file on mapped drives did not display - fixed.

    Sometimes the panels were resized incorrectly when the main window was minimized (Corrected).

    Powerful scripting language enables customization of various program elements and its bahavior at various stages of operation (e.g. when loading a database, after reading a record, before writing a record).

    Organizer dataBase Browser(Viewer): new web-based application that enables you to to share your databases over the Internet or Intranet.

    How to upgrade: Upgrade now

    Small Library Pro v1.8, Released: November 2007  

    New Check In/Out Module. Check In/Out transaction module allows to process loan and return transactions without launching main library software. Your library databases are protected from unwanted modifications and users.

    Improved loan/return transaction processing. If you are not using barcode scanner you can enter only 2-3 first letters to select library patron or library book.

    Library software comes with a free Organizer dataBase Browser (free offer to the end of 2007). Organizer dB Browser is a web-based application that enables you to share your library catalogs or other databases over the Internet or Intranet.

    Label Print Wizard includes new option: predefined specialized book labels.

    New Scripting Language.

    How to upgrade: Upgrade now

    version v1.7, Released: May 2007  

    New help system.

    New, added compatibility with Windows Vista.

    New Renew/Extend Loan Item feature. Used by Small Library Organizer Pro, Check In/Out Organizer Pro Solution.

    New Import Graphic Files from a Folder.

    New Import/Export data from/to Excel 2003 XML Format files.

    Five new database pro solutions: Asset Organizer Pro, Donation Organizer Pro, Church Organizer Pro, ChurchPack Organizer Pro (membership, library, assets,...), MemberShip Organizer Pro.

    version v1.6, Released: January 2007  

    Web Auto-Search and Auto-Catalog: It allows to search the Internet for information. The results of the web search you can easily move to your database for further analysis. You can use this feature in our software solutions that already have predefined auto-search and auto-cataloging scripts/rules or you can create your own. Web Auto-Search and Auto-Catalog is predefined in the following database solutions: Book Organizer Deluxe (search by ISBN number), Music Organizer Deluxe (search by UPC number), Movie Organizer Deluxe (search by UPC number), Small Library Organizer Pro (search by ISBN number). More information about this new feature you can find on the Internet:

    New Save Record and Save Record Mode features. Save Record saves the current record without moving to another record. Save Record Mode is useful especially on a network in a multi-user environment when many users are accessing the same database.

    Print Labels: improved functionality and margin error corrected. It allows to print data on very narrow labels (e.g.: Spine Labels for books).

    New Refresh Grid button below the left panel - it can be useful on a network in a multi-user environment. If some users make changes to some records the grid may display out-of-date information. Clicking on Refresh Grid will update it.

    Record Locking option - Options/Security. It may be useful on some networks (depending on performance) to use Optimistic Record Locking rather than the default Pessimistic Record Locking.

    version v1.5, Released: March 2006  

    Search Tool Bar - allows quick and convenient access to the Search function without the need to open a separate Find window.

    Bar Code Tool Bar - allows quick access to bar code scanner search function without the need to open Find window.

    Views Tool Bar - allows the user to quickly save and restore the current view of the database. The View includes: Filter Options, Sort Options, Grid (Left Panel) Layout, Colors, Fonts, Main Window Position, View Template.

    Lock function (a small button at the bottom-right corner of the main window - allows the user to lock the program without closing it.

    Bug fixes: Date Format was not used correctly for date fields in Print Customized Documents. Calculated Column Headers of the Table Fields were incorrectly displayed in View and Print Customized Documents. Simple Text Fields did not prevent the user from making changes when Locked option was used.

    version v1.4, Released: February 2006  

    New Bar Code functionality. Process Loans and Process Returns support automated and manual barcode processing, fine processing, and more. Very useful upgrade for small library/renting systems.

    New Bar Code Search.

    Filter tab in both Print Standard Report and Print Labels. They contain 3 filter options: 1) Print All Record - No Filter. 2) Print Selected Record - Currently Active Filter (works like before). 3) Print Selected Records - Filter Template (you can select a Filter Template from a drop-down list). Create Filter button opens the Filter dialog box where you can create a new filter template.

    Read Only Mode check box at the top of the right panel (on the Status Bar) now allows the user to quickly switch between Read Only and Read-Write Mode. It is safer to use Read Only Mode if you are just browsing the database because there is a smaller chance that you will accidentally change something.

    New Switch User Account function (main menu) allows you to log in into a different user account without the need to restart the program.

    Email Data Fields - Use Native Email Engine popup menu option is now saved.

    HTML Report - pictures are now correctly sized according to the Width setting.

    Radiobutton and Checkbox fields can now be used in Find window. You have to serach for a value of "0" to find unchecked Checkbox fields and for a value of "1" to find checked Checkbox fields. To search for Radiobutton fields use the item index such as 0, 1, 2, etc.

    Numeric Data Fields have 2 new popup menu options: Locked and Set Lock Password. If Locked is checked the contents of the field cannot be changed.

    Improved Print Customized Documents.

    New Organizer Pro database solutions: Contact Organizer Pro, Check In-Out Organizer Pro.

    version v1.3, Released: June 2005  

    The record buttons are replaced by a record grid.

    Backup function has a new option: Backup All Databases.

    New Edit HTML Template button in the View page toolbar. It allows creating and editing the View Template.

    New Find Results options in Search: With the Exact Phrase, With At Least 1 of the Words, With All of the Words, With None of the Words.

    New Handy Email features.

    Some bug fixes.

    New free database solutions for registered users. Purchase Order Organizer Pro.

    version v1.2, Released: March 2005  
    Currency : Numeric Fields have a new popup menu item called Currency. If set this option causes a Windows Currency Character to be displayed in front of the number.

    Set Entry Mask : Phone Fields and Simple Text Fields have a new popup menu item called Set Entry Mask.

    Improved Printing : When printing a Standard Report in Column Layout the simple text fields are now auto-wrapped. When printing a Standard Report using "Fields in Rows" Layout the Width can now be specified for Graphic Fields. Individual data fields in labels can now be left- center- or right-justified. They can also have Bold, Italic, Underline attributes set. Print From Current Record option in Reports, Labels, and Customized Documents. Print Report and Print Labels have a new From Record set of radio-buttons. It can be set to First or Current. Print Customized Documents has a new Print From Current Record option.

    Replace All Fields : Replace All Fields and Replace One Field With Another Field.

    Export/Import Templates : Export/Import To/From Text File function has 2 new buttons Load and Save export/import settings.

    Insert Current Date, Time : Simple Text Fields and Memo Fields have 2 new Popup Menu functions: Insert Current Date and Insert Current Time.

    Copy, Move Records : The Maintenance window has 2 new functions: "Copy Records" and "Move Records". The Record popup menu has 2 new functions: "Copy Record to Another DB" and "Move Record to Another DB".

    Locked and Set Password : Simple Text Fields have the following new popup menu functions: Locked and Set Password.

    Backup and Restore : Backup and Restore functions now include the list files.

    Update Lists : Update Lists function now correctly updates lists in Keyword Mode.

    Attachment Field : The Attachment Fields have a new Run popup menu function.

    Network : Improved network functionality: sorting records, filter function.

    Mail Merge : MailMerge function now remembers the last used folder.

    version v1.0, Released: February 2004  

    Organizer Professional Series brings you some new powerful features yet it keeps the same user-friendly interface that made PrimaSoft Organizers so popular. Organizer Professional version allows you to build quickly database systems that will help to run your bussiness or office. You can create complex database like warehouse inventory systems, small library database systems, invoice systems, and much more. You can use right away solutions included in the package, you can visit our site and download other free database templates or you can quickly and easily build your own solutions with Organizer's Designer.

    Some of the new features in Organizer Deluxe Series :

    New data fields that allow you to create comlpex database solutions:
  • Master Lookup Field: a drop-down field that links 2 databases. The value in this field decides which records are displayed in the Master-Detail Field.
  • Master-Detail Field: it displays records from another database according to the value specified by Master Lookup Field.
  • Master-Detail Update Field: a field in a linked database can be updated based on the contents of a field in another database. For example, the Quantity Ordered in orders database can be automatically subtracted from the Quantity field in the inventory database.
  • Loan-Management Field: specialized field that allows you to maintain small renting system (Small Library System, Renting Tool System)

  • Mail Merge function: Microsoft Word 97 or higher must be installed on the same computer. It performs a mail merge of all or selected records (when a Filter is used) with a selected Word document. This function can be used to print personalized letters with names taken from the database, invoices, etc. MS Word 95, 98, or 2000 must be installed on the same computer.

    SQL Query Builder is a powerful set of functions that allows advanced users to create and execute SQL queries on linked databases.

    New Spell Check, Thesaurus, Edit in MS Word functions can be accessed from a popup menu of Simple Text, Drop-Down List, Multi-Line Text, and Multi-Line HTML data fields. These functions require MS Word 97 or higher to be installed on the same computer.

    Print from View HTML Template function allows printing one or more records using a View HTML Template. Those templates are the same as used in the View panel. It is a convenient way to print invoices and other types of mail-merge documents.

    New Options in Summary: summary by date, week, month, quarter, year, day of week.

    Paste into Record from Clipboard Using Template function allows you to copy text from the clipboard into the current record. It uses a template file to separate the text into data fields. function.

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