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Project cost tracking for small construction company, custom database

project cost custom database screens

This program is a thing of beauty! Let's go ahead and combine the tables as you suggested. Anything that can save me time and is a logical addition to the organizational operations of my business, I'm willing to visit. Including your organizer business contacts, notes, tool inventory...
First of all, the new software looks exciting.
I'm the owner/manager of a remodelling construction company, with a need to control project costs, in order to afford my clients the best value possible on their projects.
I've been using PrimaSoft's, "Project Cost Tracking Organizer Pro", simple database management software since 2013, and have had a great deal of success managing my projects.
The idea of simply maintaining, organizing, and tracking my projects general information, has enabled me at a glance, to correctly assess my revenue growth and in some unfortunate cases, losses, through the course of each project, large or small.
Even in this sustained "growth" construction marketplace, it's essential to be able to know if I stand on a good financial foundation, and with the use of "Project Cost Tracking Organizer", I feel confident, that knowing my costs, I'll be ready for which ever way the future construction market takes me.
Needless to say, annually since 2013, I have reached out to Primasoft's superb product support team, to update my software (custom report), and help me with my next years cost tracking endeavours.
My take, is that I would recommend PrimaSoft's, "Project Cost Tracking Organizer", to any business concern, looking to know at any given time, their bottom line."

Greg V.

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