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Database application for the theatre archivist

I began using Organizer Deluxe about 15 years ago as archivist of my local theatre to assemble and record its 90 year history and ongoing activities and catalogue its extensive archive of over 2000 productions. I was able to shape the database to match my developing needs over the years but recently decided it was time to upgrade to the latest version of Organizer Advantage. Setting up the new software and transferring the huge amount of carefully assembled data (which is constantly being added to and updated) was done speedily and with friendly guidance and support. I am very pleased with the result and confident of continuing support and advice.

Everything is running very smoothly and I am very pleased with the new software. There are still one or two minor tweaks I might like to make to the layout and fields in the future, to accommodate new information or references, but I shall seek your advice before doing so.

John D.

theatre archive of over 2000 productions

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