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Handy Calibration Manager v4.3

Handy Calibration Manager

Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Windows Servers

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Handy Calibration Manager is fully featured, affordably priced, calibration management software for small to medium gage control and rental facility.

Easy-to-use, affordably priced

Check how easy it is to maintain inventory of your measurement equipment, review major features of our software: gage and tool tracking, software tour


Our software helps manufacturer plants, repair businesses, construction and service companies, medical laboratories, and other tool management facilities manage their measurement devices that require regular control test.

Download your free trial Handy Calibration Manager, it installs quickly on any Windows computer.

Review gage, tool, equipment, device database

Use main inventory database window to browse, search, and set calibration schedules

Manage gage, tool, and equipment information:

tool/device name, main id, manufacturer, category, supplier, type, model, model number, notes, image, link to manual, link to calibration instructions, link to other documents, tool image, unique barcode number, unique item id, date added, circulation type, notes, serial number, purchase date, cost, condition, calibration next date, calibration last date, link to certification document, certificate number, calibration schedule type, calibration failure status, ...

Gage, device adding data

Easily add new gage to your inventory, quickly define calibration schedules

Gage, device calibration report sample

Print calibration history, gage schedule reports, many inventory reports and labels are predefined:

How To Start, Software Tour

Equipment, tool management system: review software tour, review how to start tracking your tools and equipment with our windows application.

Equipment Tool Calibration Manager

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