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Handy Calibration Management is easy to learn and can be implemented in one day. Quickly access all features from the administrator panel.

Gage, Tool, Equipment Circulations (1)
  • Click Check Out to check out measuring tools, specialized devices, and regular equipment, track device usage history.
  • Click Check In to process returns.
  • Click Renew to process renewals.
  • Click Reserve to process Reservations.
Inventory / Borrowers (2)
  • Click Inventory to open the device inventory management main catalog. Enter gage, equipment, tool records. Define calibration schedule. Print reports and labels.
  • Click Borrowers to open the borrowers table. Enter technicians, employees, contract companies, tool users and calibration contractors.
Loans, Reservations (3)
  • Click Manage Loans to review check in/out transactions, summaries, gage/tool/equipment usage history, print reports and overdue notices, email overdue notices, ...
  • Click Manage Reservations to review reservation transactions, summaries, print reports, ...
  • Click Reserve to process reservations.
Calibration (4)
  • Click Calibration to access calibration features.

Calibration Check Out
  • Check out gages that will be calibrated by company or are sent to calibration department.
Calibration Check In
  • Check in gages that are coming back from the calibration service company or from the calibration department. Enter calibration transaction details.
1-Step Calibration Check Out/In
  • Process calibration transaction in one step. Use this feature if you process calibration in your gage rental facility.
Calibration History
  • Review history of all calibration transactions.

We offer Handy Equipment-Tool Manager Windows application for tool/equipment rental facility that provides the same functionality. In addition, you can find more how-to and sample topics in the Handy Equipment/Tool Manager- Main Window help section.


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