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Check In-Out Athletic and Sport Equipment Manager
 for Windows

Sport equipment inventory with check in/out

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sport equipment managers, high schools, colleges, universities, sport clubs, sport health clubs, sport organizations, fitness clubs, sport academies, equipment resource managers, ...

Major features:

Track expensive athletic equipment, track sport items in bulk, track consumable items. Organize students, players, borrowers. Easily assign sport equipment to your athletes.

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Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Windows Servers

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track individual items

athletic equipment inventory, track unique expensive items

Unique items: sport equipment tracked individually, usually expensive, item has a bar code label or number. Equipment manager can easily differentiate this item by reviewing the label, tag, or written mark from other similar items.

track inventory, bulk items

athletic equipment, track inventory bulk items

Inventory items: sport items that are not tracked individually, usually checked out in quantity, if you can't apply barcode label to sport equipment we suggest to use this type.

track consumables

athletic equipment, track consumable, expendable items

Expendable, consumable items: items that are consumed or not reused. Consumable items in inventory table are tracked by quantities. When item is checked out, the quantity of the item is decreased. Consumable items if not used could be returned.

check in out sport equipment to student, player

Assign Equipment

Issuing sport equipment to user is easy to process. Check in/out supports bar code and manual transactions.

Loan all equipment types (unique, inventory, expendable). Stock quantities are re-calculated automatically.

Loan Rules

set return period, define equipment loan rules

Set loan rules based on the equipment type, student team, or sport season.

Loan Receipts

rental list receipt

Print simple equipment loan receipts, or create customized release forms.

ready to use, sport equipment who has what report

Easily find answers to the following questions:

Who borrowed what?

What items are overdue?

When item is supposed to be returned?

How often the item was used?

What items were never used?

And more.

print equipment reports

athletic, sport equipment catalog with barcodes template report

print barcode labels

athletic equipment, print barcode labels

inventory report by sport

athletic equipment inventory report

There are easy to use print reports, print labels, custom views, statistics features.

Process your sport databases the way you would like.

enter data manually

Enter data using easy data entry forms.

import data from spreadsheets, excel, text files

Enter data using import feature.

Question: I am looking into updating our inventory control along with streamlining our Athletic Equipment Issuing. I came across your software and have been exploring your demo and was wondering if it can be adapted to our needs. For example issue football equipment i.e. Helmets, Shoulder Pads, Practice Pants?

Answer: New version of the Handy Equipment-Tool Manager lets you organize and manage sport equipment inventory together with equipment issuing.

Question: When we check the items out does the software recalculate the stock quantity? Mouth Pieces will be checked out from inventory but will not be checked back in. I just need a running total of what is in stock?

Answer: When inventory or consumable item is checked out the quantity of the item is recalculated. Consumable items do not have to be returned.

Question: Can I rename the field names in the Borrower table? We are a school and I would like to track athletic equipment by student not employee?

Answer: Data fields could be renamed.

Question: We have an item called thigh pads. One of the pads tears. How do we scrap one? This could happen to any of the non-serialized items.

Answer: Inventory and consumable items let you increase the quantity (new items added to inventory) or decrease the quantity (items are removed from the inventory).

Handy Equipment Management with Check In/Out:

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