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database:  free Event Participant Manager 2 database,, for Organizer Advantage, Windows software

Event Participant Manager 2 (1067) Database Template

Event Participant Manager 2 database templates for Organizer Advantage, Deluxe, and Pro users

To run Event Participant Manager 2 template you need our Organizer Advantage application for Windows.

After the purchase all database templates are free to use.
Do you need custom Event Participant Manager 2 database?

Participant Advanced (Event Organizer), software solution overview:
Complete database template that allows you to maintain and organize event participants, attendees, (track participants of conference, meeting, celebration, party, workshop, seminar, training sessions, business activities, webinars,...). This template contains the following data fields: participant name and organization, status, contact information (phone, email, fax, address), contact log, payment information, notes, user fields

Participant Advanced, software solution features:
  • easily and quickly retrieve detailed information about each participant
  • print invoices
  • define customized views
  • quickly print reports, create participant lists
  • user-defined fields for maintaining any additional information
  • group attendees by type, status, category,...

Database Fields Included :

Organizer Advantage with database template, screenshots:

event exhibition template: event participants database

event exhibition software event participants database

event exhibition template: events database

event exhibition software events database

Organizer Deluxe with database template, screenshots:

Database and Software Screenshots :
participant, attendee, general

event organizer, participants (simple), user fields
user fields

user fields

Organizer Advantage Users:
Review instructions: how to install Event Participant Manager 2 template.

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