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   Database Management FAQ : Database Fields

Question/Topic: How to add a new data field, rename a field name, ... ?

Data Field Management help topics: create a new data field, add a new data field, rename field name, and more . Data field management features are included in all Organizer Deluxe and Organizer Pro database solutions.

Database Field Management FAQs:

  1. How to add a new image field?
  2. How to add a new web address field?
  3. How to automatically generate unique numbers (invoice numbers, po numbers,..)?
  4. How to add a new specialized table field (to store attachments)?
  5. How to rename data field name?
  6. How to change or delete items in drop-down lists?
  7. How to build/create a new database ?
  8. How to change a simple text field to a drop down list field?
  9. How to enter a picture into external image data field?
  10. How to modify database layout?
  11. How to calculate age?

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