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Question/Topic: MARC records, how to import?

  • On the Web menu, click Add Records From Marc File.
  • Select Marc File # Text in the Select Script (1) box. Click Select File (2) button to select a file with marc records (marc text file).
  • Click Import Records (3) to extract records from the selected marc file; extracted records will be listed in the Found Items (4) table.
  • Review data field mapping (5, 6) (how data will be imported to your Library database). You can use our mapping or you can define yours. Click with right mouse button on the mapping box to display popup menu with mapping commands.
  • Click Import (7) to import all (or selected) records to your library database.

Sample Marc text file. Files in this form can be imported into our library system (this file was created with MarcEdit utility. Files with different format can be also imported, but a new import script has to be created (please contact us).

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