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Question/Topic: How to find items on the web and catalog them automatically?

Add Records from the Internet: it allows you to catalog your books, movies, cds, and other items automatically from the Internet (catalog books by ISBN number, catalog DVDs and CDs by UPC number). For example you can search books by ISBN number, movies by UPC code, or TEXT (direct search/import). You can use predefine search sites and search scripts or you can define and add new ones.

  • On the Web menu click Add Records from the Internet.
  • In the Search By box select the search type (A) (for example you can search books by ISBN number, UPC code, TEXT, or other numbers/text defined by the user).

    auto catalog books by ISBN number, select search
    In the Search Site box select the sites (B) you want to search.

  • Click on the Search Items tab. In the Search For The Following Items text box enter one or the list of ISBN numbers (C), UPC codes.

    library cataloging, enter ISBN numbers
    You can also enter the list of ISBN numbers, UPC codes from the text file. Click on the Load from File and select the text file. Our Organizer Deluxe supports bar code scanners. Scan the ISBN bar code and the number is entered automatically into the Search For The Following Items text box.
  • Click Search Selected Sites (D) to start the search. Organizer will search the sites, extract the data, and list results in the Found Items table or NotFound Items table. When the search is active (in progress) you can click Abort button to stop the search.

    book cataloging, review results, import results
  • Check/Uncheck the box in front of each item to select/unselect it (E). Click Import to add the selected books to your database. Field mapping is defined in the Data Field Mapping text box. Important: Import procedure adds all selected items, it does not check for duplicates.
  • Not Found Items Click Not Found Items tab to display the list of not found ISBN numbers.

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