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Looking for the best low-cost library management program for Windows?

If you are looking for a small library system that is affordable and packed with many features, look no further.

The basic license of our software costs only $345. This license offers all features. The network version for schools, religious institutions, churches, non-profit organizations, museums, public institutions, societies costs only $200 extra. Library features are the same for the basic version and network version.

We offer free demo versions, you can download our software and try it. If you have data in a spreadsheet, text file, or MARC format we can import your data for you. There is a free email support during the evaluation period.

While some vendors may differ with our opinion, we claim that our software is the most affordable and the best for very small libraries. Review our definition of small library.

If you know another system that supports the following list of features and costs less than $345 let us know: automated cataloguing from the web based on ISBN, UPC number, unlimited number of library materials, barcode scanner check out and check in, manual check out check in, circulation rules, reservation, renewal, multiple libraries (textbook, equipment library), predefined or customized reports, predefined or customized barcode labels, search module (OPAC), data entry module, check in/out module ... to review all list of features go to our feature page, tour pages, getting started.

There are some vendors that offer packages for small libraries. Usually the cost is higher and additionally those versions do not come with the support of all features.

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Handy is very affordable compared with other options, most of them designed for much larger libraries, with features we would never use. church library in White Plains; White Plains United Methodist Church Library

The software is user friendly with very good functionality and very stable. It is also affordable compared to other library software, ... review by international school library

I tried out and compared over fifteen programs, ..., I learned quite a lot. In the end, I felt that your new Handy Library program really struck a good balance between power and simplicity. from Community IT Librarian

Not sure how to use our library management software? We are here to help you find what you are looking for.

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