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This topic explains:

  • How to launch library web search service application?
  • How to display library web search (OPAC) in a browser?

Handy Library Manager, version 2.0 or up, supports free Library Web Search (OPAC).

Members of your library can launch the free library web search:

  1. From a browser on the computer with Handy Library Manager installed.
  2. From any browser connected to the Internet. Handy Library Manager is installed on the Web Server Computer. Library members have access to the web search page.
  3. From any browser connected to the Intranet/Network. Handy Library Manager is installed on the Intranet/Network Server Computer.

We provide free service, if you don't have a web server, we can host your library catalogue data on our web computer. Please contact us for further instructions: How to provide free Library Catalogue Web Search

  • Handy Server Monitor application (lib_svmon.exe) is listed in the C:\handy_lib\ folder (1).
  • Start Handy Server Monitor (2) application.

Handy Server Monitor:

  • Click Install/Start WebSearch Module as a Service (1).

  • Review message in the status line. The line should display: WebSearch Server Service Running.
  • Click Display Locally in IE (2) to test the search in your Internet Explorer.
  • You can use
    link to activate the search in another browser (Chrome for example).

Web search on local host computer.

Web search with sample results.

  • The web search is running on the web server computer.
  • The address to your web search is:

Question: Is there a way to link the database to the church website so that searches (eg. author, title, subject) can be done online?

The above topic explians how to set library web search.

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