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Main Window / Record Form / View

The View page displays the data and images in a webpage format. Displaying a record as a webpage allows you to benefit from the full potential of the built-in browser and the new Internet technologies.

There is no limit on the number of ways you could display your data in the View Page. The integration of data and the browser gives advanced users unlimited flexibility with adding new custom functionality that already is provided by the Internet. You can easily:

-Create custom HTML layouts for viewing your data (select the font size, background color, fields layout, display data in rows or tables, display data in any order, include all or selected fields, display one field in several places).
-Create several HTML template files that will allow you to display and view data depending on the current requirements.
-Create HTML template files that you can use as letter templates, report templates, or any document forms.
-Integrate data with the Internet resources, search engines, mapping systems, multimedia, ActiveX Controls.

The View Page displays records in a simple row form (no HTML template file loaded) or in a complex, fully customizable form through HTML template files. The View Page accepts HTML files with keywords that represent data fields. Before the HTML file is displayed in the View Page all keywords are replaced with data contents.

The View Page also allows you to visit WEB pages on the Internet. Right clicking on the display window opens the popup menu with the browser commands. Please check the explanation of the commands in the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser help. NOTE: the view is using a Windows browser object that does not support all HTML standards.

book record, view display sample

record form, view page, book record display sample

car record, view display sample

record form, view page, car record display sample

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