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simple passenger manifest database

I went online and left glowing reviews for your company on several websites including Amazon. I appreciate the support. It is very rare to have this kind of service and I will tell everyone I know about Boat Organizer Advantage software.
Thanks again, Kelly J
I bought boat deluxe. I need database so I can enter personal information about the people onboard. Needs to include date arriving, date departing, name, address, date of birth, place of birth, passport number, passport nationality, date of issue and date of expiration, physical description, height, weight, hair, eyes, notation for scars, and tattoos, and other identifying marks. Blood type, allergies and an area for medication lists to include medication name, prescription number and Dr issuing it. Then I need an area for notes on medical conditions. Last but not least being able to import up to 3 photos of person that are viewed on screen to the right of the record all at the same time in smaller thumbnail type windows. Can you help me with this? Carrying Passengers requires a printable list for port authorities and this is what I need.

Kelly J.

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