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Archery Club Membership Manager

As an aerospace engineer, I have used many commercial and custom databases over the years. I have worked with flat-file databases such as File Maker and dBase, as well as relational databases such as MySQL and Microsoft Access. However, although fine for a large organization, I found most of the big commercial relational databases too complicated and too expensive, while the flat-file databases were too inflexible and structured for everyday use. Primasoft has nicely filled the gap between having to struggle with a database that is too complex, and having to settle for an under-powered and inflexible database, by providing products that are fast, powerful, easy to use, and affordable.

I have been using Primasoft's Organizer series databases since 1998, starting with Organizer Deluxe. In 2014, I upgraded to Organizer Pro, and just recently, I upgraded again to Organizer Advantage.

Although my database needs have changed over time, one thing has remained constant: Primasoft's ability to create powerful database solutions that are easy to use for those of us who do not maintain databases as a profession. Over the years, I have used Primasoft's Organizer series to keep track of books, magazines, passwords, subscriptions, and to keep track of assets for home insurance purposes.

For the past eight years, I have used Organizer Deluxe to help manage an archery club ( Besides keeping track of all the normal information on each archer in the club (name, address, emergency contacts, age, phone numbers, etc.), I keep track of attendance of practice sessions and tournaments, as well as the competitive division, bow type, hand dominance, and eye dominance of each archer. The archers can earn "achievement pins" by shooting required scores at tournaments, at prescribed distances. I use the Primasoft database to keep track of all the pins earned by each archer, which includes keeping track of the target distance, the score, and the target size required for each pin, and recording the date the pin was earned.

Primasoft also offers a large selection of pre-defined databases in their template library. These are excellent resources because the user can either use the database "as-is", or modify it to meet their specific needs. That's how I created the database for my archery club. I downloaded a "club" database, and then modified it so that I could store information specific to the sport of archery. Creating or modifying a Primasoft database is very easy, using the Design module provided with their database program. The Organizer Advantage series has made designing a database even easier by providing a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) layout option.

Another great feature of Primasoft databases that I really appreciate is that all the databases have the same 'look and feel" with respect to the user experience. Once you use one Primasoft database, you can use them all. However, even though the user controls and menus are consistent between their databases, they are very customizable. The user has complete control over which menus that are shown or not shown, where they are placed, the colors of just about everything, the fonts used throughout the database, and many other features.

As with any good database, the user can filter data, generate reports, export and import data, and perform database maintenance, such as packing the database or performing backups.

I have been a Primasoft customer for 23 years because they provide powerful, solid database products that are easy to use, powerful, and work equally well in both the home and the office.

Frank Schackart
Archery Club -

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