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stock research database template

The stock research template that you have assembled is fantastic and I sincerely appreciate the effort.
If you release this as a public template I think that you should expect lot's of requests for customization and I would caution you against doing this. Any prudent investor should do some research. Typical this should include.

  • An assessment of the business size, industries and sectors of operation.
  • Fundamental data which includes recent financial report summaries and financial ratios.
  • Recent charts of share price performance, technical indicators including performance against peers
  • Watch lists and portfolios are stocks owned or under consideration that include raw data about share price and history and sometimes basic fundamental data.
  • Mandated announcements by the company to their investors.
  • News, rumors, and gossips including about peers which sometimes gives a heads up.
I obviously do not have the opportunity to appreciate your knowledge or experience with this process but I would suggest that you position the product as follows.
"All of the above are highly specialized fields of information that comes with a myriad of complications. Think of your product in terms of a six pack of beer. All of the above items are like bottles of excellent beer and your product is like that plastic/cardboard thingy that holds the six pack together, which makes it much easier to handle." James

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