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Handy Equipment/Tool Manager, Download Now

We offer two versions:

track UNIQUE items

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file name: handy_et.exe

free for 30 days

track UNIQUE, INVENTORY, CONSUMABLE items version:

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file name: het_qty.exe

free for 30 days

Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Windows Servers

Both solutions offer the same functionality, there is only difference in item's data entry procedure. In the case of the "Unique, Inventory, Consumables" version there are additional steps that require item type selection and quantity management.

Unique Items

equipment items, tracked individually, each item has a unique identification number (barcode), example: computers, cameras, printers / routers, drills, grinders, miter saws / cars

Inventory Items

items that are hard to track individually, quantity of items is tracked, there are many the same items, example: hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, hand saws, clamps, chisels

Consumable Items

items that are consumed, quantity of item is tracked, example: gloves, dust masks, screws, blades, paint, wood, building materials

Review Inventory, Consumable features.

Try Handy Equipment Tool Manager, free.

In seconds you can track your tools and process check in/out transactions.

The trial version is fully functional and will expire 45 days after installation.

Your data will be preserved.

Do you have your equipment and tool inventory data in a spreadsheet or text file? Please contact us, we will try to move your records to Handy Equipment/Tool Management for free.

Handy Equipment-Tool Manager

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