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How to send email messages to all equipment users? (v3.0)

You can send email messages about your equipment/tool facility events, new tools, rental rules, news and more.

You can send newsletters from the Borrowers table.

Email setup parameters and standard email messages can be defined in the Options window (Email Options).

borrowers table, send emails

Send email to all users: Click Email All (1) to send messages to all displayed borrowers.
Click Email One (1) to send a message to one borrower.

Send email to one patron:
Select Send Email and click Execute (2) to send a message to the selected borrower.

select template message or enter new

You can create a new message and send it. Fill in the Message Subject box. Fill in the Message Body. Click Send to send the message.

You can predefine messages and save them in text files. Use the Message File list box to select and load the predefined message.

In the message body you can use keywords that will be replaced with data from the Borrowers table.
<DATE> is replaced with today's date value
<BORROWER> is replaced with a borrower name

To create predefined messages you can use Windows Notepad application.

The first line in the text file defines the message subject.

All text files that start with the text "email_" will be offered in the Message File list box. (example: loan_facility_news_letter.txt)

Predefined email messages should be saved in the C:\handy_et\data\db\ folder.

Messages are sent to one email address saved in the EMAIL data fields.

To send the message to multiple email addresses you can enter email addresses separated with the semicolon (;).

We offer Handy Library Manager application for libraries that includes the same borrower management functionality. In addition, you can find more how-to and sample topics in the Handy Library-Borrowers-Members help section.

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