1. Equipment/Tool Manager administrator (application main window).
  2. Add tool/equipment data.
  3. Import tool/equipment data.
  4. Circulations.
  5. Inventory main catalog.
  6. Consumable, Inventory Items
  7. Kit Management.
  8. Track circulation transactions.
  9. Print barcode labels, define barcode label report.
  10. Print reports.
  11. Borrowers/Jobs.
  12. Fines.
  13. Reservations.
  14. Add-ons, Modules
  15. Custom Views
  16. Network installation. Cloud Version
  17. Options.
  18. Databases.
  19. Supplies.
  20. Compare, review.

Not sure how to use our equipment management software? We are here to help you find what you are looking for:

April, 2017:

  1. Default search, multi-level search, quick search options (v2.3).
  2. Search and replace inventory databases (v2.3).
  3. Search equipment database over the web?
  4. How to save all report settings and display query?
  5. How to modify dropdown box values?
  6. Does Equipment Database supports Unicode (international languages)?
  7. Review common spreadsheet mistakes, we can import or review your data.
  8. Easy way to import data from excel using copy/paste?

March, 2017:

  1. How to customize equipment search application?
  2. Trying to process check in/out transaction, why "barcode not found" message is displayed?
  3. How to create equipment checkout, release, or sign out form?

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