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This topic explains:

  • How to create a text file with the spreadsheet content?
  • How to import this file to the inventory catalog?

This topic explains how quickly you can transfer your equipment and tool data from your spreadsheet into our application using copy/paste procedure.

Use the same method when moving borrowers data from your spreadsheed tables.


  • Review data and define data field mapping.
  • Copy your spreadsheet table to a text file (tab delimited file will be created).
  • Import the file into our program.

review inventory data in spreadsheet
  • Open your equipment spreadsheet in Excel.
  • Review your inventory data.

insert empty row on the top
  • At the top of your excel table add one row and enter data field names that are used in Handy Equipment. Field names define data mapping.
  • You will have to enter the same field names that are used by our program. Review data field names. Use copy/paste to avoid mistakes.

enter names to define mapping
  • In this case the following names were entered into the corresponding columns: ITEM_NAME, CATEGORY, MANUFACTURER, MODEL, COST, BARCODE.
  • Columns without a field name will not be imported.

copy spreadsheet
  • The cursor should be placed in any area of your table.
  • Use Ctrl-A shortcut to select the data area of your table.
  • Click with the right mouse button on the selected table to open a popup menu, click Copy.

paste spreadsheet to notepad
  • Open Windows Notepad software. Click with the right mouse button to open popup menu and click Paste.

paste spreadsheet to notepad
  • Your table in the text form (text file tab delimited) is displayed in the Notepad.
  • In the Notepad, on the File menu click Save. Select a folder, enter a name for your library text file, and save the file (remember the folder and the file name).

handy equipment, add data
  • Open Handy Equipment/Tool Manager, click Add Inventory Items.

add items from text files
  • On the Add Items tab click Add Items From Text File.

import from text file window
  • Click Select.
  • Select the text file that you created.
  • Content of the selected file is displayed in the Text File Contents box. Review it.
  • Click Next.

import options
  • Under Fields Separated By select TABs (1).
  • Under Fields Delimited By select Nothing (2).
  • In the Import Fields section check First Line Contains Field Names (3).
  • Click Preview On Screen, verify 3 imported records.
  • Click Next.

import start
  • Click Start Import.

import status
  • Verify the number of imported records. Click Close.

inventory new table
  • New items are added into the INVENTORY_NEW table.
  • Review data and add missing information.
  • Select All Items and click Move Items.

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