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borrower fields, things to know created: 12/04/2018

design member id card, tag created: 12/04/2018

transfer from pro to handy, notes created: 11/22/2018

display checked out items in library catalog created: 11/18/2018

library self check out created: 11/18/2018

copy existing record to create a new one created: 11/18/2018

library grid created: 11/01/2018

lost items, best techniques created: 11/01/2018

delete library item created: 11/01/2018

delete borrowers created: 11/01/2018

predefined statistics created: 11/01/2018

transfer library data created: 11/01/2018

statistics, total purchase cost of library items: created: 10/25/2018

an index of links to all Handy Library Manager help topics: created: 10/10/2018

custom views, how many copies per title created: 07/17/2018

how to display library logo on the application home page created: 07/17/2018

custom views, how many times checked out created: 05/14/2018

sounds, library warning, confirmation sounds created: 05/01/2018

reservation, how to reserve created: 04/19/2018

reservation, verify borrower/item reservation status created: 04/19/2018

reservation, check out reserved item created: 04/19/2018

reservation, future reservations, bookings created: 04/19/2018

reservation, email print notices created: 04/19/2018

reservation, print reports created: 04/19/2018

handy library spine labels created: 04/05/2018

spine labels, how to design created: 04/05/2018

spine labels, landscape page orientation created: 04/05/2018

spine labels, samples created: 04/05/2018

spine labels, label types ready-to-use created: 04/05/2018

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