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How to create address labels

Open Organizer Advantage with the ADDRESSBOOK table. Select New Label in the Labels list box.

address book table, print address labels

In the Print Labels window click on the Data Fields tab (1). The New Labels window always opens with 3 preselected data fields (2), to remove them click the double Red Arrow icon (3).

print address labels, print labels window

Scroll down and up in the All Fields (1) box and select the following data fields: BUSINESS, CONTACT, ADDRESS1, CITY + $SPACE + STATE + $SPACE + ZIPCODE.

print address labels, select data fields

Select BUSINESS in the All Fields box (1) click the Green Arrow icon (2) to include the field in the Included Fields box (3), do the same with CONTACT, ADDRESS1, CITY. All those fields will be listed in separate lines. For better readability we want to add a gap after CITY. Select the $SPACE item (4) and click on the Plus icon (5), it means the small gap will be added. Now select STATE and click the Plus icon (6) (the Plus icon adds the field into the same line), add the $SPACE item again and then ZIPCODE (7). Click the Quick Preview button to review changes.

print address labels, define space layout

On the Labels page select AV5097. Click the Quick Preview button to review changes.

print address labels, select label type

On the Body page define the label margins and choose the font size and type. Click the Quick Preview button to review changes. Click the Preview Labels button to review all labels. You can click the Save Labels button (1) to save the label for the future use.

print address labels, define margins
print address labels, preview labels

New address mailing labels template is listed in the Labels box.

print address labels, print address labels from main window
print address labels, template active in print labels window


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