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Tool Crib applications for Windows.

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Windows 11,10,8,7,XP

Handy Equipment/Tool Manager for Windows

business use Free Trial Buy Now

Manage your tool crib inventory. Process check in and check out transactions. Know who is using your tools and where they are. tool crib software: handy managers; $345

Windows 11,10,8,7,XP

Equipment Maintenance Organizer Advantage, Business Equipment Maintenance Organizer Advantage, Business for Windows

Simple database management software helps you organize, track, and manage equipment, equipment maintenance transactions, and equipment service personnel.

Windows 11,10,8,7,XP

Equipment Tracking Organizer Advantage, Business Equipment Tracking Organizer Advantage, Business for Windows

Simple database management software helps you organize, track, and manage: equipment, equipment users, equipment use transactions.

Inventory Organizer Deluxe for Windows

business, personnal use Free Trial Buy Now

Quickly and easily create inventory database of all your tools. tool crib software: deluxe solution; $75

Windows 11,10,8,7,XP

Calibration, Equipment Organizer Advantage Calibration, Equipment Organizer Advantage for Windows

The simple solution includes a CALIBRATION_LOG table to track calibrations in a simple form and an INVENTORY table to track your equipment.

Our Tool Crib Software solutions are desktop applications. You can run them locally on your computer with Windows. You do not need an internet connection to run our software. Our Tool Crib Software solutions are very affordable. There is only a one-time payment. All our apps run on computers with Windows 11, Windows 10, Vista, 8, 7, XP, or Windows Servers. In addition, we provide free trial versions.

Easily manage your tool crib inventories:

Track employees, job sites:

Process check in and check out transactions:

Loan management, who has what, list overdue items:

I am looking of a tool crib management software for my small shop. I don't want to spend a lot, I really need a simple software that gets the job done. I have found high end software (not interested) and basic stuff for checking in and out.

I have tried a couple of your products, Equipment Tracker and Stockroom Organizer Pro. I like both of these products. I like features of both if I could combine them it would be great. What I am looking for is software that allows one person to enter inventory and keep up with the amount of inventory. It also need to allow other people to remove inventory by scanning the product but does not allow them to add any inventory. I also need to be able to generate barcodes and print labels as well as reports .Do you have anything like this? IF you do I would love to try it.

I am starting a tool library at my company where employees need to be able to review available tools, check-in and out tools, and reserve tools. Employees should be able to review and reserve tools from any computer on our company network, but check-in and out using a single scanner and computer in the tool area. Please let me know if you think Check In/Out Organizer Pro can provide all of these functions. Is this software compatible with any barcode stickers and scanners? I would like to pre-order barcode stickers since I have specialty sticker needs (such as a sticker that will wrap around a wire), and I would like to use a simple barcode scanner connected to a desktop computer.

We are a remodelling company and have a inventory of tools in our back room for carpenters to check out and take to job site for use and they are suppose to bring them back to the backroom and check them in. and at times we need to get the tool to use at another site so we need to know who checked it out and where they are.

I am looking into to updating our inventory control along with streamlining our Athletic equipment issuing. I came across your software and have been exploring your demo and was wondering if it can be adapted to our needs. For example I issue Football equipment i.e. Helmets, Shoulder Pads, Practice Pants. All of the equipment have individual identifiers how would you software help me stream line my inventory and issuing and tracking? If you have any other info you can send out or a Sales Team i can speak with that would be great , There is a lot of software on the market and have yet to find any specifically designed for my needs.

We are a trucking company and we have equipment such as load bars, furniture pads, pallet jacks etc... that our drivers check out for a load then return when they are finished with the equipment. I thought that your check- in/check-out would be ideal for this but there is no place that I can find that allows for a quantity. Drivers for example may check out 50 furniture pads and 10 load bars for a load they are going to be doing. The only way I see to do this in the check-in/check-out system is to "LOAN" each piece of equipment one piece at a time.

Our non profit organization, with a small budget, needs an in-house program to organize our tool library (donated by members). We have a collection of about 200 tools. There will be about 50 tool library users. We are looking for the following functionality of the system: search, circulation, reports, track borrowers, run inventory, easy to use. We use Windows.

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