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Review all improvements; version history: 3.0, 2.9, 2,8, 2.7, 2.6, 2.5, 2.4.

Major improvements and features:

Version 3.0

Organizer Advantage; Custom Library Messages; Change Due Date; Customize Receipts; Send Library News; Grouped Reports; Email Receipts; Automatically Update Library Data.

New web search scripts (v2.9)

Library auto-cataloguing feature supports new web search scripts:,; How to update the web search scripts?

Library Supplies (v2.8)

We have compiled a list of library affordable supplies: barcode scanners, labels, printers.

Improved User Login and Password feature (v2.7)

The program accepts long login and password names, fixed error triggered by some entries.

Loan Options: Improved library circulation rules (v2.5)

Circulation rules allow to set fixed due date.

New and improved Check In/Out features (v2.4)

You can disable override features for the Loan application: simple mode for check in/out.

There is a new option for the Item/Borrower Name Lookup drop down boxes in Check I/O window.

New Search/Replace (v2.3)

New search/replace feature supports the following replace modes: entire field contents, substring only, auto-increment, auto-decrement, insert in front, append to end, remove file path, field with another field, 1st letter to upper case, all letters to upper case, all letters to lower case: Searching, replacing library databases

New Default Sort (v2.3)

New default sort lets you define the multiple-level sort by any field. The default order is applied to the data every time you open the table: Sorting the library databases


Improved Print Labels and Print Reports feature, support for Hebrew, Arabic languages (right to left orientation).


Members of your library can launch the library web search in any browser (Windows, Mac, Smart Cell browsers): Read more: How to launch library web search service application.


Kit building feature can help you to manage book baskets, science kits, presentation kits, computer kits, video kits, photo kits, laboratory kits: Library basket, kit management features: turn on/off, manage kits, check kits out/in.


Automate your data processing. Make global changes on the selected field in the entire database.


Limited-time only! Upgrade by December 31, and you'll receive a free web search hosting service: If you don't have a web server, we can host your library catalogue data on our web computer.

FREE Handy Equipment/Tool Manager

Limited-time only! Upgrade by December 31, and you'll receive a free license of our Handy Equipment/Tool Manager: Handy Equipment/Tool Manager

Explore new lessons, and software improvements

  1. How to launch free library web search (OPAC)? (version 2.0 or up)
  2. Library barcodes, variable length, one character long?
  1. How to print library reports or labels to PDF?
  2. How to print library labels from the PDF document? How to align labels?
  1. How to enter search condition directly into the search box?
  2. Loans database. How to display last month transactions? How to create last month transactions report?
  3. Structured Query Language, create simple queries using software interface, enter sql statements manually.
  4. How to define advanced search (query) and save it for future use?
  5. How to display new library materials?
  1. How to print one spine label?
  2. How to print spine or barcode labels for recently modified items?
  3. How to execute barcode search and print one library label?
  4. Trying to process check in/out transaction, why "barcode not found" message is displayed?
  5. How to define user ids and passwords for the library administrator, search, data entry, check in/out applications?
  6. How library server-cloud version is working?

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