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Type: Avery 5162, Labels: 14 per sheet, Width: 4 Height: 1-1/3, Library use: bar code labels

Bar code has a good size, easy to scan. Label includes: bar code, number, title, author, call. Good for very small libraries. This template is predefined in Handy Library Manager.

bar code label template avery 5162

You can print bar codes on labels in the same format (or compatible types). You can download a pdf file with 2000 labels.

Question: We are looking into different Library systems for our small elementary school. Our teachers need the Lexile information on the book spine. Is it possible for the Lexile number to be printed on the label?

Answer: You can use this label type and layout.

Question: I was thinking of putting our library name at the bottom of the label after the title and bar code, but it doesn't seem to show up no matter what number I put in the field for height. Maybe there's just not enough room? Any tips on that?

Answer: Select this label type. It has enough room for barcode, title, and library name.

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