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Text / Graphic

The Graphic field stores the image file name. You should choose the sufficient field length to hold full file names (128 should be enough in most cases). Images for the Graphic Field can be stored anywhere on your hard disk, but we recommend that you store all images in one directory, preferably in the directory used by Organizer Advantage. If you do so, you will be able to backup and restore your image files.

If you want to use a Graphic field in your table:

  • Create Text field type
  • Select Graphic in the Select Control Type window

Graphic Data Entry Control has a toolbar with the following functions:

  • Load: select the image file from your computer.
  • Paste: paste the image from the Windows clipboard.
  • URL: store a link to the web image, image is displayed from the web.
  • Clear: clear the image.

text field type, graphic control type, form display

On the grid you can display the file name or the image. Open the header popup menu to access the picture commands.

text field type, graphic control type, form display
image files backup sample
image files backup sample, image folder
image files backup sample, backup file with images


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