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How to display add-on icon on the desktop?

  • How to put library module icons on the desktop?
  • Hot to create a shortcut to library search, checkout modules on the desktop?
  • Where can I find Handy Library add-ons?

  • Open Windows File Explorer.
  • Click "c:/handy_lib/" (1).
  • In the handy library installation folder you will find:
    io.exe - check out, check in module
    libadd.exe - data entry module
    search.exe - search module
  • Right mouse button click (2) on the selected file opens popup menu.
  • Select Send To (3), select Desktop (4).

How to put the Search application on the desktop.

  • Repeat above steps with search.exe file.

  • This is another method, use Windows Start Menu.
  • Right click on the selected library module opens popup menu.
  • Select Send To and select Desktop.

  • Library Check In-Out module on the desktop (1).
  • Library Search module on the desktop (2).

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