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Library Supplies: spine labels, barcode labels, barcode scanners, printers.

We don't offer library supplies (labels, barcode scanners, member cards). You will save money if you purchase library supplies at your local office store or online.

Library labels we suggest to use

With our software you can print library labels on many label types. We optimized label printing feature for labels (Avery, Demco, Brodart, World Label) that you can print on inkjet or laser printers. You don't lose any label from the label sheet. Our printing feature supports printing from any position, multiple copies, and one, selected, or all records.

Ready-to-use templates

We suggest to use Avery labels or Avery compatible product. Avery products are affordable and many label types you can find and purchase at your office store or online. Handy Library Manager already offers many ready-to-use barcode, spine, library card label templates created for Avery products.

Where to buy

You can order all your library supplies online. There are many sellers at You can find quickly very good, high quality, and affordable barcode scanners, library labels, laser printers, and computers. Sellers very often offer discounts or free delivery. For example for about $30 you can create barcode labels for a library with 10,000 items.

Barcode readers

Our software supports all general purpose barcode scanners that read 1-dimensional barcode. If you buy a barcode like this you are ready to automate your library procedures. All general purpose bar code scanners read CODE 39 barcodes (this type is widely used by many libraries). All our ready-to-use barcode templates are pre-set for CODE 39. Other barcode types are also supported.

If you are using specialized label printers we suggest to export your data to a text file where data fields are delimited with a special character (tab, comma). Specialized printers come with label printing software that is optimized for printing on singular labels and supports import of data from text (delimited) files.

Specialized, good quality label printers cost about $300. In our opinion it is not a good idea for a small library to pay so much for a printer.

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