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Library Software Tutorial for Beginners

There are five simple "how to use library software" lessons for beginners. They take only 15 minutes. Then, after watching or reviewing them, you can catalog your library items, enter borrowers, and you are ready to manage your library.


All lessons you can review in the pdf file viewer, or you can print them:
Handy Library PDF lessons


There are easy-to-follow lessons in the video format that we list on our site or YouTube channel :
Handy Library Video lessons (our site)
Handy Library Video lessons (YouTube Channel)

Suggest a lesson, ask a question, report a problem, ...

Question: We would like to start the automated system for our small library. Possibly, we hope to meet staff from your company to give us a training as a starter. It will assist us to purchase the appropriate software program, barcode, library card, etc. We are looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Answer: We do not offer in-person training assistance. Instead, we provide several lessons in pdf or video file formats. The beginner topics cover all essential information for new users. We also offer library supply pages that let our users choose library supplies such as labels, scanners, printers, etc.

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Question: My charter school is trying to start a library from scratch and we're looking for cost effective and user friendly circulatory system to put in place. What would you recommend?

Answer: You can review our essential topics in pdf or video format. You will quickly find out how simple our library system is. Our software is also the most affordable library application on the market. You can download and test our library app.

Handy Library Software

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