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Handy Library Manager, Try Now Handy Library Manager, Cloud Version

How does Handy Library Management Cloud Version work?

Client Version:

file name: hlib_client.exe

Windows 11, 10, 7, 8, XP, Vista, Windows Server

Download Client Version

Server Version:

file name: hlib_server.exe

Windows Servers, Windows Web Servers, Windows 11, 10, 7, 8,

Download Server Version

Install library server service application on Windows Server or Windows Web Server computer. This application installs/uninstalls services. There are three services.

  1. Handy Library Service: when this service is active, all client computers with the client version of Handy Library Manager installed could access and process your library databases (stored on the server).
  2. Web Search Service: when this service is active, web search is supported in all browsers.
  3. Smart Phone Service: when this service is active, web search is supported in mobile phone browsers.

Install library client application on Windows desktop computers. You will have access to all library functionality from each client computer (cataloging, checking in, checking out, searching, and processing data). There are four client library applications: library main application, search module, data entry module, and check in/out module. All are Windows applications. All will access data from the server computer.

For example:
- use one client computer for data entry, printing reports, printing labels
- another computer for processing check-in and check-out transactions
- on public computers provide access to a library search module.

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