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School Library

Small Schools | Medium | Large

Handy Library Manager, a Windows-based software for small school libraries (schools, education institutions, elementary schools, colleges, universities, school districts, academies, learning centers, training centers).

Church Library

Small | Medium | Large

Our library automation system is a perfect choice for small churches, temples, religion institutions, synagogues, missions, ministries. Our software brings together easy-to-use and flexible library management features.

Non-Profit Organizations

Small | Medium | Large

Handy Library Manager provides all features for non-profit organizations: non-profit organizations, foundations, government departments, museums, army/military divisions, clubs, and associations.

Business Libraries

Small | Medium | Large

Set your business or corporate library with our library system. Easily manage textbooks, technical books, manuals, documents, tutorials. Expand the system and organize inventory of your office equipment with full check in and check out features.

Community Libraries

Small | Medium | Large

Handy Library Manager provides all library features for small communities, correctional institutions, detention centers, associations, centers, and clubs. Library automation utilizing your PC computer does not have to be expensive.

Small Public Libraries

Small | Medium | Large

Our system does not require major investment in hardware and software. With very low budget you can start transition into an automated library (small public, county, society, village, city, tribe libraries).

Correctional Institutions use our Handy Library Manager


You only need PC with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, or Windows Server to organize your library.

School Library: Small, Medium, Large

Church Library: Small, Medium, Large

Non-Profit Library: Small, Medium, Large

Business Library: Small, Medium, Large

Community Library: Small, Medium, Large

Public Library: Small, Medium, Large

Public Library: Prison Libraries,

Automation of your small library is very achievable with our affordable library system for Windows. Access to your library data and library materials will be highly increased to all your library patrons. Automation allows your library staff to catalogue material, process circulations, create resource usage and trend reports. A successful implementation of our tracking system will help you to reduce loss and damage to all your library collections.

What is our definition of a small library?

  • Library has a limited budget, less than $1000 and very often less than $500.
  • Library has limited technology resources, usually one PC and no IT personnel.
  • Librarian doesn't need a degree in library science to run our program.
  • Cataloguing requirements of the library are not build around complex library cataloguing rules (MARC).
  • You don't want to have your software without some library automation features because of the limited budget and technology resources.

What is NOT our definition of small library software?

  • Some publishers release software versions for small libraries that very often have limitations.
  • Our Handy Library Manager does not have any feature limitations.
  • In addition to standard library automation functions our software supports: catalogue any number of items, process check out/in manually or with barcode scanner, give patrons a free access to OPAC, define loan rules, and more.

The department in which I work has a small-to-medium sized lending library. I would like to learn more about some of your software package options to see which option might be the best fit. What would be the functional difference between having the following options:
1. Software for 1 PC ($345)
2. Software for 1 PC & up to 5 PCs (+$95)
3. School License (+$200)
For some background information, we would like to have one person with their desktop computer be the primary "librarian" with options for other trained staff (approximately 2-4) to use the system when the librarian is unavailable. It would be nice if the other trained staff could access the same library database & check-in/check-out feature from their own laptop computers, but that would not be necessary. It also would be nice if non-librarian staff could search the library catalog to learn what items we have in our inventory, but that would not be necessary.
Which options above would allow which levels of functionality?

If all library users access the software on the same computer then select option 1. If all library users access the aplication from their desktop or laptop computers then select option 2. or 3.

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