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Reset library IDs.

Handy Library Manager allows you to reset record ids.

reset library IDs

On the Maintenance tab, click Reset IDs.

Only IDs for empty tables can be reset. It is best to reset IDs before you start to enter any data.

It is rarely necessary to use this function. You cannot reset IDs for those tables that already have some records. Only IDs for empty tables can be reset.

LIB_COPIES "ID" field is used to create automatic item barcodes.
BORROWERS BOR_IDNO field is used to create automatic patron barcodes.

Were do we set the default start from bar code number?

Answer: If you already entered library items, the program does not allow you to change automatically generated barcode numbers. For the new library you can do the following:
- test library features
- run Empty Library
- reset database IDs
- set the initial number in the LIB_COPIES box.

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