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Restore library folder

Library backup procedure creates two backup files:

  • FDB file: contains your library data.
  • ZIP file: is a compressed (zipped) file that includes all files and sub-folders from "C:/handy_lib/data/" (report, label, configuration, customization, image files)(example: db_20180224.zip). You can restore library folder from this file.

library restore data folder

On the Backup tab, click Restore Data Folder. Select the file and click Open to finish.

Usually you will use this feature when moving all your library data and files to a new computer.

How to move library to a new computer:

  1. Install Handy Library Manager on the new computer.
  2. Move two files created by backup procedure to a corresponding backup folder on the new computer.
  3. Run Restore Database.
  4. Run Restore Data Folder.


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