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This topic explains:

  • how to empty all library databases
  • how to remove all sample records
  • how to reset all id numbers

Handy Library Manager contains several sample records (library items, borrowers, circulation transactions). These records have been created to illustrate how our library system works. When you are ready to set your library system you can clean all databases (erase all records from library databases).

On the Maintenance tab (1) click Empty Library (2). It will erase all records from all tables in the selected library.

Click Reset IDs (2) to reset all ids for all tables.

Enter 0 into all boxes (1) (some boxes have already this value).

Click Update (2).

It is rarely necessary to use this function. You cannot reset IDs for those tables that already have some records. Only IDs for empty tables can be reset. It is best to reset IDs before you start to enter any data. LIB_COPIES, ID field is used to create automatic item barcodes. BORROWERS, BOR_IDNO field is used to create automatic patron barcodes.

There are already records in the library, how do I start my library? How to clean all sample data?

How do I delete the default items, borrowers?

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