Organizer Advantage is powerful yet easy to use database manager for Windows.
Advantage Designer lets you modify our solutions or easily create new databases.
Take control of your data with our simple or buinsess database software solutions.

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easy-to-use database manager and database designer for Windows

Advantage Undocumented Features

Key Shortcut Commands

Ctrl-PgUp - page up
Ctrl-PgDn - page down
Ctrl-Home - first
Ctrl-End - last
Ctrl-N - new
Ctrl-S - save
Ctrl-O - options
Ctrl-R - reports
Ctrl-L - labels
Ctrl-H - html reports
Alt-PgUp - previous
Alt-PgDn - next
Alt-Delete - delete record
Alt-U - undo
Alt-C - copy record
Alt-T - paste record
Ctrl-D - insert date at the cursor position
Ctrl-T - insert time at the cursor position
Ctrl-Z - select the highlighted row on the grid
Ctrl-Y - synchronize the record displayed on the form with the selected row on the gri
Ctrl-X - change the scrolling mode
Ctrl-Q - copies the query from the main window to Clipboard.

Insert Date or Time

Use Ctrl-D to insert Current Date and Ctrl-T to insert Current Time.

Define window size for different databases

Create a file called wnd.ini in the data\dbN folder such as :

The window of this database will not move or resize when you load different tables.

Global options, user fields used in Options

The global options are stored in sys.fdb database (in db folder). These options are used in all databases you have installed.

The user fields are stored in a text file called "Userfields.lst", stored in data\db# folders. Each database has its own "Userfields.lst" file. User fields let you define some values that could be used in other calculated data fields (example: store TAX value Custom Field 1).

Graphic fields, file names, store centrally

For graphic fields, the full link is not displayed if the graphic file is in data\db#\img folder When you load an image it is copied there if the "Store Graphic Files Centrally in the DATE Folder" is selected in Options.

NULLIF function (exceptions)


In every formula when you divide by a value that can be 0 use NULLIF function.


Use Ctrl-Arrow Key to move controls by 1 pixel.

For MasterDetail fields if you change Tab Location property the layout has to be saved and reloaded. This is a very rare situation.

The "A" AutoStretch option should be used only for controls that can fill the entire page such as WebBrowser, Graphic, Memo, and HtmlMemo. You should only use it when there is only one control on the page (tab).

Reset ID value

You can now use Alt-Q hidden command to set ID value.

You can use this command after you delete all records in the table and would like to reset the ID to a new starting value, for example, 1.

For the new record, the id value increases by one. The sort by this field shows the record entry order.

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