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HTML Report Wizard

HTML Report Wizard is a tool that generates HTML reports (web pages) from the table’s data. Without any additional HTML editor you can create a set of linked web pages that can be put immediately on your web server or viewed with your favourite browser. HTML Report (web pages) creation is easy and fast. You can only select fields to be included in the report and press GO push button. HTML Converter, then, begins generating HTML file(s) for the selected table. Advanced computer users will find many additional functions that give them flexibility in the report creation process. HTML Wizard accepts Custom HTML Templates. Just design an HTML document with the tool you know very well, your favourite HTML Editor. Use the template for generating web pages for your site, HTML reports, catalogues, directories. (our help system is created with this feature).


  • Converts data into html files in a simple and fast way. Computer users with basic HTML and database knowledge can create pages within several minutes.
  • Creates reports in plain or tabular form; creates one page reports or grouped reports split into separate pages.
  • HTML report parameters can be saved as templates.
  • Creates report(s) that can be viewed on any computer with a browser.
  • Accepts Custom HTML Templates.
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