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Backup, Restore

When you use the Backup function, all tables for the currently opened database are stored in a selected location. It is recommended that you back up your data on a regular basis e.g. once a week or once a month. You should especially do a backup after entering new records.

If you have more than one database you have to Load each database and then back it up.

In the Options/Maintenance you can change the backup and restore folders.

Backup Database: Creates backup file for the currently loaded database (creates FDB file).
Backup Database + Data Folder: Backup procedure creates two files. FDB file contains backup of the currently loaded database. ZIP file contains all files from the corresponding data folder. This folder contains all reports, labels, statistics, views, and html report files.
Restore Database: Restores the database from the backup file. Only the database is restored. The restore procedure overwrites the current database with data from the backup file.
Restore Data Folder: Restores the data folder from the folder file (ZIP). The restore procedure overwrites the current data folder with files from the “folder” file.

The Restore Folder, Restore Database feature restores the database from the backup file and before the database is restored, the current database file is stored in the Restore folder. If the restore feature was processed by mistake, there is always a possibility of recovering the replaced database.

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