Organizer Advantage is powerful yet easy to use database manager for Windows.
Advantage Designer lets you modify our solutions or easily create new databases.
Take control of your data with our simple or buinsess database software solutions.

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You can use our application for all your data management needs. You can create your own databases or you can try our ready-to-use database solutions.

There are many database solutions for business or personal use. All database templates are listed on our Web Site (Solution Center). Review descriptions, download, and test them in our software.

Template/Solution Types

There are three types of templates:

  1. one table - simple solution: the database template installs with one table
  2. multiple tables - simple solution: the database template installs with several tables (each table offers slightly different data structure, for example the Address Book Template package contains an address book for personal use and an address book for business)
  3. multiple tables - pro solution: the database template installs with the set of linked tables (for example purchase order manager pro will offer vendor table, products inventory, purchase orders tables).

Templates are always installed to a new database. After evaluation you can decide if you want to keep the solution in this database or if you would like to move it.


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