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Organizer Pro and Deluxe users, how to submit your data for conversion?

We provide database conversion for Organizer Advantage users. This service is provided to new users who have purchased our Advantage application together with Support.

step 1: install Organizer Advantage

step 2: create a backup file or compress a DATA folder and send it to us

  • In your Organizer Deluxe or Pro, run the backup feature:
    - If you have only one table, use Backup One Database
    - If you have several tables, use Backup All Databases
  • Compress Data folder: start Windows File Explorer, select your Deluxe or Pro installation folder, and run compress DATA folder. Do not use this method if you store image files in the DATA folder.

step 3: send your backup file to us

  • Create an email message attach the backup file and send it to
  • Include information about the user who purchased Deluxe or Pro. You can find this information in the About window.
  • If your backup file is huge, you can use a free cloud storage service (dropbox, google cloud, one drive) and send the download link information to us.

Let us know:
1. Do you want to implement any changes in your database?
2. You can include information about your screen resolution; we will try to design forms that will be optimal for the size of your monitor.

You can review feedback from users who used our database transfer or design services.

How to compress a DATA folder

  • Select your deluxe or pro installation folder (1).
  • Select the DATA folder (2).
  • Click with the right mouse button on the DATA (3) folder to display a popup menu.
  • In the popup menu select Send To / Compressed (zipped) folder (4) (on your Windows this command could have a different name).
compress data folder

If your backup file is very large try to review the following:

  • Start Windows File Explorer, select installation folder, click on DATA folder and delete all files that have names like: bad#_data_#.dbf, bad#_data_#.dbt, bad#_data_#.mdx.
  • Do not use Backup External Graphic Files in the backup procedure
clean data folder
check the graphic folder, do not include if many images


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