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Advantage Help > Statistics, Custom Views > Custom Views Window

Custom Views Window

The Custom Views window allows you to display predefined custom views or define a new custom view. You can display results from one, two, or several tables.

The Custom Views window opens with the empty view box or with the first custom view selected (if there is already a predefined one).

opens empty:

views window, no predefined views

opens with the predefined view:

custom views window, with predefined views

How to define a new view?

Delete the content of the Custom View Definition box (just highlight the text and use the Delete button on your keyboard, you can also use popup menu commands).

Enter an SQL query (view definition) into the Custom View Definition box:
1. Enter your SQL query manually (view definition).
2. You can load an SQL query from the View Assistant.
3. Maybe you can copy and paste from our samples and then modify it.

views, enter new sql query

Click Display to see the result. Click Save View to display the Save Custom View window.

views, execute sql query

In the Save Custom View window enter your view name into the Save Custom View As box. Click Save.

custom views 
load from custom views box

The new custom view is added to the Custom Views list. Click on the Custom Views list and select the new view.

custom views window

The new predefined view is accessed from the Views dropdown box in the Main toolbar section.

main toolbar, predefined custom views


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