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Handy Library Manager for Prisons, Download Now

handy library manager

Package includes Handy Library Manager with predefined custom settings for correctional institutions

Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Windows Servers

Download Now

file name: handy_lib_prison.exe

file size: 68MB

free for 30 days

What is Handy Library Manager prison compilation?

It offers the same functionality as our regular Handy Library Manager. However, in this compilation, we simplified data entry screens. As a result, it is easier for librarians to manage and process correctional institution library data.

Handy Library Manager, prison version summary:

  • Includes all library management features
  • Help buttons link to help topics installed on the computer
  • Library Main Catalogue table: Add/Edit form has only three data entry/display pages; there are 26 data fields out of 69
  • Borrowers table: Add/Edit form has only 1 data entry/display page; there are 12 data fields out of 31
  • Borrowers table: some data fields have new names
  • Quick Add form is not displayed (hidden)
  • Quick Edit form is not displayed (hidden)
  • Web Auto-Cataloging by ISBN is not displayed (hidden)
  • No Edit Borrower and Edit Item buttons in the Check In/Out module

Review Help topic: prison compilation

Download and review PDF file: prison compilation

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