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Advantage Help > Auto-Cataloging, Web Search > Auto catalog by ISBN number.

How to auto catalog using book ISBN numbers?

This topic explains how easily you can enter your book information into our Organizer Advantage solution using only the book’s ISBN number and the program’s Add Records from the Internet feature.

On the Miscellaneous toolbar click Auto Catalog.

open the Auto Catalog windows
  • In the Search Type (1) box select isbnBook (search by ISBN number).
  • In the Search Site (2) box select Library of Congress or any predefined search site.
  • (3) Scan ISBN barcodes, type in, or load them from a text file (3). Don't enter spaces, dashes, or any other characters, just numbers.
  • Click Web Search (4).
  • Check messages on the status line (5).
  • Click on the item in the Found Items (6) table and review details.
  • Click Add Checked Items (7) to add all found items into the table.
  • Click Close (8) to close the window.
web search, catalog from the web, how to search by isbn

Review new items in the book table.

web search, catalog from the web, review new items
web search, catalog from the web, review new items, image

In the Field Mapping box you can define the way the data will be saved in your book catalog.

web search, catalog from the web, mapping

Review not found items in the Not Found Items box.

web search, catalog from the web, not found items


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